Commendation Letter & Gift to RC Computer Society Student Sachith Gamage

Congratulating student Sachith Gamage on his achievement:

We would like to congratulate Sachith of the Royal College Computer Society on developing our Website to a state of the art and user friendly tool. He had undertaken this arduous task, and as he promised, he got the RCOBECA Website up and running in no time. Students such as Sachith is an asset to the college, both in ability and work-ethic, and sets an example for others to follow.  We hope this commendation will find its way to the student’s folder and transcript, as we as an association would look forward to promote hidden talents in students, while encouraging teaching and sharing their knowledge with other students. We wish Sachith a bright future.

We do congratulate the Teachers in charge of the RC Computer Society,  and Mr. Athula Munasinghe of the RCU, for all of their efforts and encouragement of these talented students.