Funding the RC Teachers’ Picnic

RCG ‘86 says ‘Thank you!’ to their beloved teachers Members of the academic staff of Royal College enjoyed a fun-filled day at South Beach Resort, Koggala on November 8 as a part of the Annual Teachers’ Day celebrations organized by RCG ’86. In keeping with traditions, the gathering reached the destination by train, and enjoyed a delightful lunch followed by an evening of singing songs.

Teachers took a break from their routine school work and engaged in fun-filled activities that broadened the solidarity shared among themselves as an academic fraternity and strengthened their sense of belongingness. Nearly 250 teachers took a day off from their demanding roles at college, to
unwind and enjoy an evening of merriment comradeship at a luxury beach resort, sponsored by RCG ’86 as a gesture of appreciation and fondness.

RCOBECA provided funds to RCG ’86 in order to facilitate the outing for the teachers.