Funding the Royal College Media Unit

Current RCOBECA President Senaka Senaviratne who was on a short visit to Sri Lanka met with the Principal of Royal College and handed over funds to purchase new equipment for the Royal College Media Unit.


Most of the activities of the Royal College is reported and bring to the notice of us is done by Media Unit of Royal College, popularly known as MURC Live. Which has been in existence for many years and providing very interesting information to Royal fraternity either they live within Sri Lanka or live abroad.

MURC covers many events including Royal Thomian, Bradby Shield, inter house sports meet, prize giving, colours night. MURC consist of over 60 students, who love Royal College and media is their passion and operate with basic facilities in a sub standard class room within the college premises.

Upgrading the facilities of MURC will effectively increase the quality and their skills of students. It also enables them to use the recently upgraded Royal College Union sound studio.

It also allows to set up a modern beaming facility and provide the members of Royal College students to enhance their passion in media, sound engineering, audio & videography knowledge and which will ultimately avail themselves for Digital Media era.

It is proposed to provide systematic training in handling the media, use of proper language by arranging workshops with high profile media personalities.

Proposed Facility

Royal College Skills center Committee wish to allocate 125 sq ft air conditioned studio for the use of MURC and access to Blue and Gold Sound Studio facilities and furniture.

Setting up of such a valuable facility in modern Royal College Union complex will secure the equipment with adequate security , inventory control will enable the effective use of equipment with professional supervision.
It also gives the students work with professionals and get exposed in career.