RCOBECA Funds the Help a Needy Student (HNS) Scholarship Program

The Help a Needy Student (HNS) Scholarship Program that was established in 2003 falls under the aegis of the Loyalty Pledge and provides financial assistance to de-serving current Royal students and past Royalist undergraduates in order to fulfill their basic requirements.

RCOBECA anticipates that the program will positively impact the students to grow into well rounded individuals whose future achievements will make the country, their families and Royal College proud.

Below: RCOBECA 2015 committee members, Chanaka Seneviratne and Dilshad Ah-med handing over the check for four scholarships on behalf of the President Nirosh Warusawithana to the Principal Royal College, Upali Gunasekara. Also present, Sharleen Chickera of Loyalty Pledge/HNS program.

What is the Loyalty Pledge?

Royal College’s Loyalty Pledge is the genesis of pride, loyalty and repaying the debt one owes to the beloved Alma Mater, Royal College. Instilled in the hearts and minds of Royalists young and old, the Loyalty Pledge in the  invisible chord that connects all ‘Blue and Gold blooded’ Royalists on a global platform.

As a proud son of Royal College you have inherited a legacy for a life-time being endowed with a rich learning environment, culture and heritage. You have reached great heights in different spheres of life thanks to the nurturing you have received at Royal.

Each Royalist owes a debt to his Alma Mater. And it is your bounden duty to give back what you have received. The Loyalty Pledge is your Golden opportunity to repay your debt to Royal in both ‘words’ and ‘deeds’.

Make the Loyalty Pledge your priority. Give your time and money to the College and join forces with the plethora of activities organized by the Royal College Union’s Loyalty Pledge Management Committee, which celebrates
its 10th Anniversary on November 21, 2012.